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Researcher. Author. Novelist. Poet. Storyteller. Poetry collection, ‘Unspoken Words’, out now. Visit to know more about me and my books.

Photo by Andreea Chidu on Unsplash

I’m trying to write a really good poem
but nothin’ comes to mind
no idea
no imagery
no inspiration

The usual topics keep popping up

I search for better words to put on the paper
but they allude me
play hide an’ seek
I fail to find them

they play rock paper scissor
always beating me an’ escaping

Will you be my muse
as you are my love

After I make love to you
I wanna sit back an’ see you

Your shape hitting me
like a tsunami of inspiration

The redness of your lips
giving colour to my words

Your long wavy hair the strands of which
fall on your peaceful face

forming sentences

When you wake up an’ pull me closer
our skins touching
I’d recant the poem to you
in exchange for
a gentle kiss.

© Sriteja R Wudaru.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Love yourself
You have gone through a lot to be
in this world, to reach this stage, whatever
that stage is
on this grand stage of the world
where everything is an act, Shakespeare says
and everyone’s an actor
while traversing the oceans of conflicts
and others’ opinions and impressions and doubts
and your own doubts and confusions
a million questions and no answers
you have given a lot — bore a lot — with patience
to reach this stage
so sit back and relax and

Love yourself

Love yourself
Your looks, your face, your eyes
how you look when you have…

Sriteja Reddy Wudaru

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